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9.13.16 Blading Cup 2016 Video on Donation

Blading Cup Video On-Donation:

This video was created with the sole purpose of raising money for the
Blading Cup 2016 , which includes prize money and production costs.

Skaters and filmers donated clips to create the first ever "video on-donation"
for the Blading Cup. (And, of course, for your watching pleasure.)

All of us from the Blading Cup, especially those who gave their talents to
create this video, thank you for your support.

Give what you can, but all donations of $50 or more will be rewarded with
Blading Cup 2016 T-shirt.

Skaters Featured:

Miguel Ramos
Anthony Marchione
Jon Julio
Jeff Stockwell
Chris Haffey
Billy O'Neill
Mike Peluso
Kruise Sapstein
Marcus Benavides
Matt Langel
Alex Wick

Filming by

Miguel Ramos
Keith Brierley
Jason Prodigalidad
Jon Julio
Mike Obedoza

Music: "Name Written in Water"
by Cass McCombs


Contact: Get@Themgoods.com

9.11.16 See you at Blading Cup 2016 on November 5th!


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